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Нет, мы не отправляет товары наложенным платежом. Можем объяснить почему:

При оформлении заказ наложенным платежом, покупатель не берет на себя никакой ответственности за этот заказ. Он может ПРОСТО НЕ ВЫКУПАТЬ ЕГО НА ПОЧТЕ (как многие и делают кстати). В этом случае, товар хранится на почте 1 месяц и после этого возвращается назад к отправителю. Расходы в оба конца ложатся на продавца разумеется. 

Итог для продавца: вещь изъята из оборота минимум на месяц, а то и на два. Это раз. Двойные расходы по оплате доставки это два.

Итог для покупателя: НИКАКОГО НАКАЗАНИЯ ЗА БЕЗОТВЕТСТВЕННОСТЬ.  Счастливая и праздничная жизнь далее.

Но, можете сказать Вы  - а если Вы нас кинете или отправите не то после предоплаты? Мы же как покупатели тоже несем риски! 

Уважаемые покупатели. Для Всех Вас есть один и очень мощный способ приструнить любого недобросовестного продавца в интернете - оставить о нем отзыв в популярных коммерческих системах. Мы уже три года находимся на самой мощной площадке интернет коммерции - яндекс маркет. Площадка эта открытая и Вы в любой момент можете оставить там негатив о некачественном товаре или услуге. Этого мы, как участники яндекcа боимся больше всего. Следовательно - ВСЕГДА выполняем взятые на себя обязательства по оплаченным вещам.

0 #21 betgoca 12.03.2022 08:47
The voice of the smelly eagle, Nasamya, has been passed down to the ears. "If you knew we were there, would you have wanted to save us?" The one who was in need closed his mouth tightly. It couldn't have been possible. There is no idiot who goes around looking for a colleague who is left out at the risk of being caught by a bandit. If you break the prison and save it later... Besides, at the home of the Fangshongdan,

0 #20 betgoca 12.03.2022 05:13
What was attempted was an upward martial study. He turned a blind eye to his son Hyukryeoncho's words that he would teach if he wanted to learn, and Hyukryeon River collected his own data and began researching. Now the fruit was coming to fruition. Perhaps when Hyukryeoncho returns, the Hyukryeongang River will show the completed method of public sentiment. "But what do you think about this?" Hyukryeongang suddenly asked. Old

0 #19 betgoca 11.03.2022 09:35
" you can't be quiet!Be full of it so noisy!" a tang of frost at the end of the deungcheonung chogwangsaeng is not lower, but the horse to the voice." Who isn't cheat the eyes and ears of the death penalty ; and another here?But, along the back of the high half the men clucked and shook his head is What? " deungcheonung." I haven't heard yet.Rather, it is really about juseoo? that's all nya

0 #18 savewcal 11.03.2022 05:16
This place is literally... For me, it's a warm place like my mother's womb.^^ But that's why it's so warm, so direct, so irresponsible (every time I use it, the attack falls, and affection and praise pour out here...^^) Really, it's also true that it's hard to be alone that you need. Sometimes... To think about it by myself...

0 #17 savewcal 10.03.2022 06:55
So, Sina said, laughing and looking elsewhere. "Yeo, as expected... It's so cold here!" It's still warm in there....!!!" "......." The racers frowned at such a scene. "Sina. Come here." "....!!!" "...It's none of my business." He reached out his hand. "Come here," but Sina said, stepping back even further. Somehow

0 #16 betgoca 10.03.2022 06:55
Sina's face quickly turned red. Regame...!!! Sina is this and that, and without any time to think, she pushed Legem's chest away and stepped back. And he was the first to bring up the topic that came to mind. "Re, Re-game?" I, the weather...!!! The weather was very cold today, right? "The racers frowned. "...weather"? But he still looks at himself with cool and serious eyes.

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When, in order to save his new fiancee, very happy.Finally, he will 'love' her.Finally, claw Nia serensiseu, we come back to 'themselves'.But then Hillah Toro eonne, and what he was 'a completely different' who to go.After all, your sister back and ruon rudeuraet, your only ruiteu

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Find what you want even in it. Well-- I'm not sure what I'm talking about. But keep this in mind. You may have to walk a path similar to Serensis and my friend. I'm so worried about that, Hilato Racers. Your sister was kidnapped by Pantheon--the cursed ones--Clonia Serensis--

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0 #13 loastcoastranch 07.03.2022 11:29
A disturbance, which had been at the party. That evening, went down, and the end of the party that had continued late.Aseuterin was trying for another 'special meeting'.It's his ruiteu aseuterin, anything in nature and type, was by no means a lot of patience with.In addition, what if you have what you want to get by hook or by crook.

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Think how nice it would be if, he also has a ruiteu.But Carly Polyana, is Beam had the profile of the reiseoseuHer fiance, reiseoseu is able to 'black'.So, what kind of semantics, reiseoseu pawojeu, too.Carly Polyana, was a smile.' pawojeuin reiseoseu ruiteu ... is meSo it was particularly like ruiteu we can get rid of.'

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